How We Work & What We Do

How we work

Step one : dermination of the High Commissioner's jurisdiction
Upon receipt of a written referral from the claimant, the High Commissioner checks that he/she has the necessary power and authority to handle the case. In particular, the High Commissioner checks that no legal action has been taken in relation to the case, and that the matter concerns bodies over which he/she has jurisdiction.
Step two : interview with the claimant
The High Commissioner seeks to hold an interview with all claimants, to gain a better understanding of his/her situation and complaint. He/she then issues formal acknowledgement of the referral in writing.
Step three : processing of the case
The High Commissioner contacts the administration or implicated party (private sector) to request explanations and to obtain the documents necessary to examine the case.

Once this phase is complete, the High Commissioner examines the case in an impartial manner and decides on the next steps.
Step four : settlement of the case
If, once the processing and analysis phase is complete, the High Commissioner decides that the complaint is not admissible, he/she notifies the claimant and the administration or body concerned.
If he/she decides that the complaint is admissible and feels that the claimant's situation merits re-examination, he/she may exercise one of his/her powers (see our powers) to support the citizen's complaint and seek to settle the case amicably.