Principles and Values


By virtue of the organic and statutory guarantees provided for by Sovereign Ordinance no. 4.524 of 30 October 2013, the High Commissioner has the power to examine all complaints that it receives in a neutral and impartial manner.
The High Commissioner is appointed for a term of four years, renewable once, by Sovereign Ordinance and subject to the recommendations of the Minister of State, the President of the National Council, the Secretary of Justice and the Mayor. 
He/she may only be dismissed through resignation, due impediment or gross negligence.
In exercising his/her duties, the High Commissioner does not receive any orders, instructions or directives from any authority whatsoever. He/she reports directly to the Prince via an annual report, which is published.
The High Commissioner also enjoys full independence in the management of his/her staff, premises and infrastructure, which are separate from those of the Administration. He/she is allocated a dedicated budget (€ 379,400 in 2015), which he/she is free to manage as he/she sees fit.