What is the High Commissioner?

The High Commissioner is an independent, public mediation body that exists to serve citizens. It is a free, easy-to-access, non-coercive and non-partisan institution that is responsible for ensuring that the public authorities respect citizens' rights and freedoms, and for combating unjustified discrimination, including in the private sector. It aims to offer a peaceful and non-confrontational way of ensuring that individuals’ rights are respected. The High Commissioner is the Monegasque Ombudsman. 

Will the High Commissioner treat my case confidentially?

The High Commissioner and his/her staff are bound by a duty of professional confidentiality, and your complaint will therefore be handled in strict confidence. The information you provide will only be passed on to those parties concerned by your complaint for the purpose of examining your case.

How much does it cost to make a complaint to the High Commissioner?

The service provided by the High Commissioner is entirely free of charge.
The only costs you may incur relate to making copies of your important documents to send to us.